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Chris Dorner was incinerated last night.

Well, the assumption is, Chris Dorner was incinerated. The cabin the police say he was in burnt to the ground. Max Blumenthal used a PD scanner to monitor police transmissions, and its clear burning the cabin down was the goal.

WACO redux

branch david

Here is Mike Davis on Chris Dorner:

So as Barack Obama delivers the state of the whatever — Chris Dorner (we assume) is roasted to death off old Highway 38 near Big Bear, CA. I know that road. I know that area. The backside leads down to Lucerne Valley, crack central, and then down toward Yucca Valley, Landers, and 29 Palms. The high desert. Lucerne Valley is a census designate area of five thousand. It’s central economy is pegged to an off road vehicle recreation area adjacent to Johnson Valley, where an annual race called “The Hammers” takes place.

Big Bear Lake was home to the Serrano Indian Tribe until the gold rush of the 1860s drove the indiginous people out. No Grizzly bears have been seen since 1908, though an occasional black bear still shows up. It became a winter resort of sorts in the 1920s, and Cecile B. DeMille is reported to have stayed up in the area regularly. In 1953 Tommy Tyndal opened what is now known as Snow Summet, featuring a world class ski jump. Boxers often train up at Big Bear. Oscar De La Hoya trained there. Mostly its a middle class escape from the smog and noise of the vast LA basin forty miles due west and downhill.


The San Bernadino Sheriff’s Dept. handles the policing of Big Bear City and the surrounding areas. This is San Berdoo county. The largest geographic county in the United States.

In 1851 Mormon settlers came to an area near what is now downtown San Bernadino. There were five hundred, soon to grow to twelve hundred. Mormons, on order from Brigham Young, bought the San Bernadino Rancho from the Lugo family. Now the Lugos were an influential family in Southern California history. There are records of their presence going back to the early 1700s. The family owned land near San Pedro, in what is now Compton, and up near Monterey (where they were involved in Bouchard the Pirate’s famous foray into town in 1818). The mormons left San Bernadino in less than a decade, recalled to Salt Lake City. The Sheriff’s department was created before they left. The department has never really lost that mormon stamp — the imprint of a strange sense of calling and destiny, mixed with uptight inflexibility. In any event, the Sheriffs eventually had the reputation for being where LAPD rejects went to find work. If you cant get accepted by the Sheriffs, then you probably weren’t breathing.


The press is busy citing only those bits of the statement which make Dorner seem crazy: when he addresses Tim Tebow or Larry David, for example, or when he laments the fact that he will not survive to see The Hangover 3. (See for example, Buzzfeed’s “Everything You Need to Know,” which conspicuously says very little). But the vast majority of the letter paints a picture of someone who, while clearly undergoing some sort of mental break, is astonishingly lucid as to the causes and candid as to what he intends to do about it. These causes and these intentions, regardless of what you may hear on MSNBC or Entertainment Tonight (both will essentially carry the same message), begin and end with the LAPD.

The LAPD has long played a vanguard role in white supremacist policing in the United States. Whether it be the conscious recruitment of racist cops from the south in the 1960s under William Parker (sparking the 1965 Watts Rebellion) or the continuity of well-worn brutal methods under Darryl Gates (sparking the massive 1992 L.A. Rebellions), there has been little new under the sun. Even after 1992, when change seemed for a moment inevitable and when the Bloods and Crips had, themselves, laid down arms and put forth a plan to rebuild the city, this long-needed transformation didn’t materialize. Instead, South Central became South L.A., Gates was canned, and the LAPD forcibly destroyed the gang truce. Nothing had changed.

It wasn’t long before the next scandal. Toward the end of the 1990s, what many had already known became public knowledge: that the LAPD, and especially the Rampart Division, routinely brutalized suspects and planted evidence. As a result of this revelation, the LAPD was charged under the RICO Act (as a Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization) and placed under the federal oversight of a consent decree that would only be lifted in 2009.

The LAPD history of attacks on activism go back to the 1930s, when the “Red Squad” was formed by Chief Jim Davis to crack down on union organizing and other ‘radical’ activities.

The puritanism of the LAPD though was best embodied by William H. Parker. The Big Dog. The puritanical racist zealot who looked to install a chaste Marine Corps discipline and morality on the previously corrupt department. Of course Parker’s idea of corruption is a bit different from most sane people. Never mind, he was chief from 1950 to 1966. He was followed by a series of equally bigoted myopic ham fisted chiefs…Ed Davis, Daryl “the driver” Gates, and eventually Willie Williams and the laughably incompetent Bernard Parks (though Parks had the virtue of openess about his own corruption). Then the unwholesome William Bratton and finally good ol’ Charlie Beck.


Its worth noting that it was Daryl Gates who began the intensifying of drug enforcement. The war on drugs fit seamlessly with Gates perverse sense of good and evil. In any event, Chris Dorner was right. Nothing much ever changed with the LAPD.

Here is a 2006 piece on riots at the L.A. County Jail downtown. A jail staffed by the Sheriff’s Department.

Into the manufactured narrative of Chris Dorner, rides a hundred year history of racism, corruption, and secrecy. The LAPD and the Sheriff’s Department (both Los Angeles and San Bernadino) are the symbol of institutional oppression, lying, and violence.

Orriginal Seal of Los Angeles County

Orriginal Seal of Los Angeles County

The L.A. County jail system is the largest in the world with an average daily population of 22,000. The downtown Bauchet Street jail is a windowless nightmare of guard violence, overcrowding, and incompetence. I can tell you from experience, there is neither enough air to breathe, food to eat, or space to move, where they routinely stack 7 or 8 men to cells with six beds.

From the ACLU lawsuit:

Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca and his top commanders condoned a long-standing, widespread pattern of violence by deputies against inmates in the county jails, the American Civil Liberties Union and the ACLU of Southern California (ACLU/SC) charge in a federal class-action lawsuit filed today.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of two named plaintiffs, Alex Rosas and Jonathan Goodwin, who were savagely beaten and threatened with violence by deputies of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (L.A.S.D.) while they were pretrial detainees in the jail. As detailed in the complaint, the treatment of Rosas and Goodwin is not isolated – there are dozens of reports of similar brutality in the jails. The lawsuit seeks both injunctive and declaratory relief on behalf of all present and future inmates of the jails.

snake green

The official master narrative though, as Obama delivers more empty platitudes, does not include those locked away in D-block on Bauchet Street, or those in work farms out in Berdoo. Or those in holding cells throughout the city. Most prison guards are profoundly stupid men. Not all of them, but most of them. In my experience, George Jackson was right, the uniform attracts the psychotic mind. The Chris Dorner saga was taking place almost exactly while the President opined about whateverthefuckever he was opining about. Jobs, the economy, the threat of terrorists. I don’t know. Meanwhile in Delaware a 68 year old former optomitrist walked into the county courthouse and opened fire, shooting his ex-wife and a bystander.


Wilmington Delware, population 70,000, mean average income thirty seven thousand dollars. A satelite city to Philadelphia. As of 2002 Wilmington because the first U.S. city to have it’s entire central downtown under surveillance. Such shootings are an almost weekly occurrence, now.


Meanwhile, Chris Dorner is driving the icy roads of Highway 38, shooting at any law enforcement personel he happens to cross.


Richard Raznikov describes an aspect of the Brennan hearings….

The most telling observation I’ve seen in print on the Brennan confirmation hearings in the Senate is that the Senators appear to be afraid of him. Nobody wants to upset the CIA. A lone Senator, Ron Wyden (D-OR), asks why we are not allowed to see the legal memoranda supposedly justifying the President’s claim to authority to order people, including Americans, killed; he does not get an answer. The others cower, hoping that when Wyden’s plane is knocked down in unexpectedly bad weather they are not on board.

Fear is now the final chapter heading in all this. News today, that even while Dorner was lynched, while the President spoke, NATO bombed Afghanistan killing a few children, a number of civilians, injuring others. The narrative races on. The news organs of corporate America will talk to experts about Chris Dorner. Pop psychs, various responsible sounding adults, but none of them remember anything. They do not remember history. They do not acknowledge history.

They will not include the history of the LAPD. They will not include a culture of institutional sadism and brutality. I remember being picked up, forty five years ago, and stuffed in the back seat of a patrol car. The cop sat in back with me and jabbed me hard with his night stick. About a dozen times until it seemed I might puke. Then they cut me loose. They knew I wasn’t anyone. Just something to do. He guys, krispie kremes? Whad’ya say?

The use of drones signals the start of a narrative that is only, really, a high tech version of any number of runaway slave stories. That’s all Dorner ended up being. Off plantation.


The steller ignorance now of a wide swath of the populace who refuse to look, to ‘see’, is probably should not be unexpected.

Dostoyevsky, The Possessed

“We’ll reduce all to a common denominator. Complete equality, absolute submission, absolute loss of individuality, the Pope at the head, with us around him, and below us, — Shigalovism — But one or two generations of vice are essential now; monstrous, abject vice by which a man is transformed into a loathsome, cruel, egoistic reptile. There’s going to be such an upset as the world has never seen before. Russia will overwhelmed with darkness, the earth will weep for it’s old gods…”

neo ex black figure

Aboard the Titanic, the stewards walked along the deck carrying trays of sandwiches, asking passengers if they would like one. The ship was already sinking. Dutiful in the face of authority. Just doing their job.

The United States continue to manufacture biological weapons. It is the only country left to so do. Eleven micro biologists have died in a decade. Several of them murdered. Coincidence? I have no idea, but all worked in the field of bio-terrorism.

The United States continues to have a black budget of unknown billions — in total secrecy. Nobody can know. DARPA has an exemption from Title V civilian personnel specifications, which provides for a direct authority to hire talents with the expediency not allowed by the standard civil service processes. DARPA reports only to senior Defense Dept. officers.

DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) continues to work on projects designed to develop new technologies for killing, for control, for brainwashing, for surveillance.

Drones were sent out to look for Chris Dorner. The charred remains, we are told, of Chris Dorner, were found in the cabin. The body of Osama Bin Ladin was buried at sea. John F. Kennedy was killed by Lee Harvey Oswald. A plane hit the Pentagon. America is a force for good. The United States does not lie.

The insanity of all this should be obvious.



  1. Well said John. My Christ. Hilariously, as I was reading your post, Fox News (not my choice) was broadcasting the epic, tearful eulogy of a slain cops widow to languid accompanying images of an LAPD honor guard solemnly draping the dead man’s coffin and bearing it out to the squeals of bagpipes. Less than 24 hours after the suspect was, by their admission, burned to death by the LAPD, the propaganda push back, the image rehab, is in full swing.

  2. Hi John, very interesting post. It always captivating when you write about things LA.

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