intimidation, harassment, snitch jacketing, imprisonment, and murder — ‘your’ FBI.

This story contains a few interesting elements, besides the obvious fact that the US government has continued, through the FBI and now Homeland Security, to spy on and terrorize US dissidents– or perceived dissidents. What is so painfully obvious though, is just how cretinous these folks are.

The final sentence is really to the point. The FBI, and state authority, CREATE threats. They do it overtly, but they also do it through the indoctrination of their agents. (A high percentage of Mormons in the FBI is kinda interesting).

COINTELPRO (counter intelligence programs) is a piece of history worth reading about. There are so many corners to the whole saga. From Louis Tackwood and the Glass House tapes, to other even more shadowy programs. So, here we flash forward….and learn the FBI is training its agents to ‘see’ the criminality of hanging out in coffee shops, and the criminality of dissent in general (ecology, animal rights, let alone more directly political groups). The culture of fear, the culture of paranoia. So again, the master narrative both creates and reflects this.

Groups that demonstrate class awareness, from black organizations such as the Panthers, cannot be tolerated. If you join the circus….P-Diddy, or Bill Cosby….well, ok. Native Americans…COINTELPRO’s war on the Oglala Sioux Nation in the 70s, and the Pine Ridge attacks. AIM were a major target of Hoover and COINTELPRO. I mean this is rather obvious, but I mention it anyway. Latino activists, labor organizers, any Muslim, gay activists, animal rights activists, food activists….all are suspect. Capitalists are OK, anti-capitalists are not. You can tap dance for the man, shuck corn, flip burgers….and even occasionally get rich doing it. But you’re still on the plantation. One other thought I had this morning and it relates to this. The left has always demonstrated a puritanical streak (trotkyists are the worst) and its breeds a sort of outsider posture, and once in that posture, it’s hard to negotiate the waters. In other words, we all succumb on some level to marketing and the culture industry. I love hoops….I’m there watching Pop and the Spurs….but, and this is actually rather crucial…I know the league is owned by billionaire white men. Hideous foul rodential scum like Dan Gilbert and Donald Sterling. Same with all professional sports. Who owns it? But if it helps you survive the mind numbing grind…use it. You have to use what you can within a position of resistance.

So…after digressing a bit….there are names to remember: Geronimo Pratt, Leonard Peltier, James Carr, Dhoruba Bin Wahad, Fred Hampton, Marshall Eddie Conway, Malcolm X., Joe Stuntz. And other google searches …. CISPES, Judy Bari, Louis Tackwood, Pine Ridge, Robert Chambliss, and Thomas Cook. I could go on….and on and on.

This shit goes back to Marcus Garvey. Its not changed. So, to learn that today’s agents are taught that subversives lurk at establishments that sell Lattes is not surprising.

Wounded Knee


  1. Right on, Stepp. Grim as the stuff is, you also cracked me right up: as I rounded the bend of your last sentence (“So, to learn that today’s agents are taught that subversives lurk at establishments that sell Lattes is not surprising.”) I burst into smile.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m surprised Steppling hasn’t been hired yet by Eric Holder. With his political views, he’d fit right into the Obama team.

  3. Tyra Tackwood Jones says:

    I dont appreciate the use of my father name sometimes…I always was always embarrassed when someone mentioned him for years or even to be know as his daughter. But as time has eveloutionalized I am no longer..

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