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Dreaming of Pirates, Part 1

"This is not death, it is a fruit stand..." Lorca (Poet in New York, Bly tr.) "For Lorca, the vital impulse driving genuine and authentic creativity is Death (itself); for him, the duende is an embodiment or specter of Death as a living, breathing, dark or extreme exaggeration of Henri Bergson’s élan vital.." José Rodeiro "The *economic*, in the form of this most rudimentary and most brutal necessity, thus offers itself as a prosthesis for political stability, a winning substitute for the violence of the Prince, which may induce fear with its tens of millions of swords but sooner or later ends up exciting hatred..." Gilles Chatelet "We went into the Vietnam War and did all that … [Read more...]

Playing at Society

"The fascist agitator is usually a masterly salesman of his own psychological defects." Adorno "One important aspect to consider here is the shifts in approval of content via “thumbs up” “favorites” “likes” and now how Facebook has integrated this “reactions” system that has much more sinister marketing goals in mind rather than just showing your friends your reaction to their statuses by selecting a one dimensional emoji representation, as if that wasn’t alarming enough by itself. this seemingly minor shift in their interface development is pretty easy for them to seamlessly integrate without much deeper thought given to it by a conditioned user pool at large." K.F. "The weakness of … [Read more...]