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Narrative and Empathy

"Just like the operations of the consciousness, these scriptural graves are defective: there is a fissure in the construction, a leak in the system. In an almost totemic way, historiography is infected by what it touches as the past always seems to overhaul the present. And thus the real not only reveals itself in discourse, it also makes a disturbing appearance when writing is confronted with its own limits or, in other words, when the factory of history suddenly has to face its industrial waste." Alex Demeulenaere "Strategies are undermined by unpredictability. Tactics make an ally of unpredictability." Stan Goff "Narration created humanity." Pierre Janet There is … [Read more...]

The Cynicism Industry

"Sincerity is the beginning and end of existence; without it, nothing endures. Therefore the mature man values sincerity above all things.” Zisi (Tzu Ssu)子思子 "One day the man demands of the beast: “Why do you not talk to me about your happiness and only gaze at me?” The beast wants to answer, too, and say: “That comes about because I always immediately forget what I wanted to say.” But by then the beast has already forgotten this reply and remains silent, so that the man keeps on wondering about it." Nietzsche Use and Abuse of History "Much of education and journalism has been captured and superseded by entertainment. Even public discussions have to be entertaining and are judged … [Read more...]

Thoughts on Pedagogy

"The best place to teach architecture is in a simple box." Odile Decq "The political locus of tolerance has changed: while it is more or less quietly and constitutionally withdrawn from the opposition, it is made compulsory behavior with respect to established policies." Herbert Marcuse "Collegiate traditions and the preppy, Ivy League look were some of my earliest design inspirations and the starting point for our signature style.” Tommy Hilfiger. "As the US war machine increases the intensity of its bombing of Muslim fundamentalists and political extremists in various parts of the world, but especially in Syria and Iraq at the present moment, the official “workstations” of CNN … [Read more...]

Everything Is Not As It Should Be

"Challenged, the coherence of myth became the myth of coherence. Magnified by history, the incoherence of the spectacle turns into the spectacle of incoherence (eg, pop art, a contemporary form of consumable putrefaction, is also an expression of the contemporary putrefaction of consumption). The poverty of 'the drama' as a literary genre goes hand in hand with the colonization of social space by theatrical attitudes. Enfeebled on the stage, theatre battens on to everyday life and attempts to dramatize everyday behaviour. Lived experience is poured into the moulds of roles. The job of perfecting roles has been turned over to experts." Raoul Vaneigem "...let’s assume that there is a … [Read more...]