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The Anti-Future

"In theory, “affirmation” refers to every discourse, such as positivism, that silences the negative, the dark, the inassimilable, or the contradictory nature of the real. In practice, “affirmation” designates reconciliation with the world as it is, submission to so-called reality, moral resignation, political defeatism, and approval of the status quo in general." Theirry De Duve (Aesthetics at Large: chapter 7 Resisting Adorno, Revamping Kant) "...let’s do ugly non-art pictures, let’s not be good. Let’s not learn from others. No talent is the talent." Edith Schloss (Letter to Jean-Michael Basquiat) "I want to be a machine." Andy Warhol What art means, what that word means, is a … [Read more...]